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Faces of Uxbridge: Air Marshal Landing

Faces of Uxbridge: Air Marshal Landing

Uxbridge is home to rising stars Air Marshal Landing. The group started in 2008 where the band’s three members, Matt Simmonds, Cory Adrian and Graham Drummond were attending university.

Simmonds and Adrian are long-time friends who first got together to jam in 2005 while attending Uxbridge Secondary School. Upon graduating from USS, Simmonds and Adrian left Uxbridge to attend the University of Western Ontario and the University of Waterloo, respectively.  As such, their musical careers were placed on hold while they focused on their studies, only getting together occasionally to play.

While at Western, Simmonds met Waterdown resident and drummer Drummond. Simmonds is keyboard and bass guitar, Adrian is on lead guitar and vocals, and Drummond provides the beat. However, the newly-formed group still had a huge distraction to contend with: school.

“While attending university, we could only get together maybe once a month to practice,” recounts Simmonds. “Usually we only had time to rehearse during the day of a gig,” he adds.

Upon completing their university degrees, the three young men could now focus full-time on their musical careers.

Presently, Uxbridge serves as a perfect place to base their group.

“It’s a nice community in the country with access to the city…a perfect half-way point,” admits Adrian. In addition to that “small-town feel,” and his family living just outside of town, Simmonds adds his parents’ garage serves as an ideal place where they can rehearse.

“We can make lots of noise without bothering any neighbours,” laughs Simmonds. And of course, “money is an issue if we lived in Toronto.”

While their music appeals to teens and young adults, the three agree it  first must appeal to themselves.
Their main focus is to produce music they personally enjoy. “If you can’t do it for yourself, then there is no sense playing at all,” explains Simmonds.

One of their keys to success is the ability to record their or jam sessions…with their iPhones!
A big part of their marketing involves social media through Facebook, Twitter, and their official website.
“We’re as social as you can get,” Adrian says. “If you are not on social media, you’re not going to make it,” adds Drummond.

The future for Air Marshal Landing appears to be quite active for these three fun-loving guys. They have a number of performances planned on the university circuit, an appearance at Canadian Music Week slated in March 2012 in Toronto, and their first full-length album to be released in late spring 2012. The band will also perform at the Uxbridge Skate Park Fundraiser on Feb. 18 alongside Whosarmy and Lauren Malyon.

“We also hope to make an appearance at NXNE (North By Northeast, a music and film Festival) in June,” adds Simmonds.

Twitter: @AMLband
Songs are available on iTunes by searching Air Marshal Landing

Where Does The Name Come From?

“Air Marshal is the Batman of air travel. It’s up to him to stop the bad guys. He’s the guy, there’s no one else. But I think that everyone kind of believes that they could be that guy. We all wonder, if it came down to it, would we up for the task? Stories like Flight 93 from 9/11 propel these thoughts, I think we all like to believe we could have taken control of that plane from terrorists and landed it safely.
“So the name Air Marshal Landing comes from some of these ideas. The ‘landing’ part assumes that Good wins in the end. And you know what? It does.” – Matt Simmonds.

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