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Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 in Faces of Uxbridge, From the Magazine | 0 comments

Lucy: Capturing the Magic of Christmas

Lucy: Capturing the Magic of Christmas

This summer my daughters went to Santa’s Village in Bracebridge with my parents and have been obsessed with Christmas and Santa ever since. For our December issue, we wanted to capture the magic of the season through the eyes of a child, and Lucy, 5, couldn’t wait to share her expertise…

Where does Santa live?

In the North Pole.

How does Santa get to all the houses?

On his sleigh with his magic. The reindeers help too. They have magic dust so they can fly. Santa
puts it on them.

What does…

Oh! I know how Rudolph gets his nose red. He is a special reindeer and he eats cherries to make his nose red. Heehee. I just made that up. When it’s really hot out, Ruldolph’s nose isn’t red. It has to be cold for it to be red. Rudolph has a warm
nose like sunshine leading Santa’s way. He makes the way lighter for Santa to see.

Is Santa married?

Yes, he’s married with Mrs. Claus.

Do they have any kids?

The elves! The elves are their kids.

How many does he have?

Maybe 12? Maybe more than 12. Maybe google elves!

What does Santa do when he’s not building toys?

He doesn’t build toys – the elves do! He watches the kids. He sometimes goes to stores to buy toys, ‘cause he gets deals. Sometimes maybe Mrs. Claus and the elves give presents to Santa.

How does Santa watch you?

Maybe he has super eyes and he can see you. Or maybe he has a telescope that he looks through to look at all of you.

What else do you know about Santa?

He trims his beard in the summer when it’s really really warm out. Then in the in the winter it’s long and helps him stay warm.

What do you want for Christmas?

A butterfly Barbie. Some cozy sweaters. Some winter dresses, cause I really like wearing dresses. And a model for me to make with Daddy. Oh, and candy canes and stickers.

What about Alice? And Spencer?

A Barbie mermaid. Spencer should get dog bones and dog treats and dog food and dog toys.

What should Mumma and Daddy get for Christmas?

Mumma should get some high heel shoes. And some shampoo. And Daddy should get his own shampoo. And some models to build.

What’s your fave part about Christmas?

I like getting presents. I can tell by the presents if Santa has come, and if the milk and cookies and beer and carrot are gone.

What about seeing your family at Christmas?

I like it when everyone comes for a sleepover! I also like the Christmas decorations – it’s exciting! And I love the beautiful
Christmas tree and lights outside.

How does it make me feel?

Happy! And I really really want to see Santa Claus in the sky with his reindeers. But I won’t be able to see him or else he won’t come. Maybe I can leave him a note and ask him to leave me a picture of him in the sky with his reindeers.

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